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Good morning!I wanted to share a few new pictures of The Princess.  As you can see, she’s settled in nicely to her new Forever Home (It actually took her all of 5 minutes to check the place out and decide it was okay!).  Thank you again for all you do and helping us find each other. Steve & Mia
A happy “tail” for Napoleon (aka Willie): I didn't know what exactly you needed as far as a picture of Willie for your website but here is a clear one.  Sure hope it says he has found his forever home.  I couldn't stand the thought that it wouldn't be us.  I hope a picture like this makes others fall in love with the rest of them, too. DEANNA (3/15/11)
Nice talking to you this morning.  Here is a picture of me with Emma taken a couple years ago.  We got her from Pet Rescue in 1996 when she was 3 months old and she fit right into our family immediately.  As I told you, I cannot volunteer on a regular basis because of the distance from my home to your facility, but if you have a big fundraiser or event where I can help periodically, please contact me.
Good luck and God bless you for the work that you do for animals.
Joan  (5/27/2010)
Our rescue dog Grant is doing fine.  He is such a wonderful new addition to the pack.  The attached picture is him with his CGC Bandanna, he got certified in the Canine Good Citizenship program last year and is very proud.  Thank you to both you and Nickee for all that you do for Labs and other animals!Scot

March 20, 2008

Dear Peggy and Pet Rescue North,

Early in 1995, 1 came to your shelter looking for a golden retriever type dog to add to my family.  I was looking for a dog to play ball and be a friend to my three young boys.

After looking around the shelter area and not really seeing what I was looking for, Peggy remembered that there was a dog in a foster home that might be right.  The dog was a flat-coated retriever mix (she looked like a golden, but was black) and she had just finished weaning a litter of puppies. 

The beginning of Shelby's life with us was a little rocky the first six months or so.  She loved the boys and played with them, but she also loved all the boys’ action figures.  Shelby killed more than a few teenage mutant ninja turtles.  If anything was missing I learned to check under my bed, it was her own private stash of treasures.  However, the boys could never be upset with her for very long.  She would shower them with kisses as they stood before her holding a mutilated action figure.  I told the boys Shelby was trying to teach them to pick up after themselves; she was a mother dog after all.  There were a few other items she left her mark upon, a recliner chair that for whatever reason she ate and a large hole in the wall, but we chalked it up to her still being a young dog and we loved her through it all.

As time passed she filled out, her hair grew long and shinny and she became a very important member of our family.  She loved our Sheltie and even drew him out to play with her and the boys, and I believe that he lived a longer happier life because of her. 

Shelby remained a mother her entire life; kittens were her favorite.  Over the years she mothered many a kitten. She was a big dog, yet she could be so gentle with the tiniest kitten.  Shelby was the best kitten washer ever.  One cat we have thought Shelby was her personal bed.  The cat would climb onto Shelby's back and knead it and then would curl up and go to sleep.

Back in November, Shelby’s health began to fail, and we knew it was time to say goodbye to our beloved dog.  To me, Shelby was like my best girlfriend, always there.  I could tell her anything and she would listen.  She couldn't speak with words but her eyes always spoke to me.

My boys are now 20, 17 and 14.  We all miss Shelby so much.  In my mind, my kids had the best dog a kid could have.

Your website says that you don't have perfect dogs, no Lassie or Rin Tin Tin.  I beg to differ. I got the perfect dog from your shelter.  Rescue dogs can be anything you want them to be. It just takes time and effort on the new owner's part. 

Anyway, I just wanted to take time out and thank you and your group of hard working people for giving me the opportunity to adopt a wonderful, loving lifelong companion from you shelter. Shelby will always be in our hearts.

Thank you, Kerri




My wife and I adopted Ming from a foster home sponsored by Pet Rescue North.   We started the search focused on dog rescues.  Networking via phone and the web, just getting our names out there was the key.  After a month or so, we had made contact with Pet Rescue North advisor who sent us photos of a 3-year old female Chow mix.

Initially, she looked bigger than what we wanted, but the description led us to call for a meeting.  We met with her foster parent and a Pet Rescue North representative in a park near our home.  We spent about 30 minutes together and knew she would fit right into our home, and she has.  The foster parent named her “Ming” after doing web research into Chinese culture and history.  She has been an absolutely incredible dog for us, and we believe we were guided to her.   We highly recommend Pet Rescue North based on our great experience with them.

We have since written a short article about her, how we were connected, your adoption process and our lives together since.

We are strong believers in pet rescue and discuss our feelings about that as well.  The article can be found on our website at


I think the pictures says it all. He’s so spoiled!  I was trying to clean up my craft/dressing room but he decided to supervise!   He and the cat still hate each other.   Peggy 
Tyson or Ty Ty
Tyson has gained a few pounds, but he is wonderful!!  I can’t thank PRN enough for taking great care of him until I could find him.  He truly is the best dog I will EVER have!!!  Thanks again.

Remus & Scrappy

On Father's Day, 2005, an English Mastiff, was found in horrible physical condition.  He was originally named "Buddy" and eventually adopted by Paul and Gwin, who saw past his physical and emotional pain and welcomed him into their family.  Below is their story.


Back in the early part of 2005 my wife I decided we would get a dog, having owned an English Mastiff several years earlier I was wanting to get another.  While searching the Internet the Pet Rescue North (PRN) website came up and there was a mastiff for adoption.  I contacted PRN and after a couple of weeks was contacted by a volunteer to see if we would be interested in fostering "Buddy" as he was still too ill to be adopted.  We agreed and the volunteer brought "Buddy" to our house in June '05. We changed his name to "Remus" and began the task of bringing Remus back to health.  After a few months and several trips to the vet, which PRN paid for, Remus was finally deemed to be healthy enough to be adopted, which we quickly did.  Remus was full of love and always at your side.  He would always be at the door when I came home with a big smile on his face.  He had the best personality and loved to give kisses.  Remus was a gentle giant, weighing a little over 200 lbs, always careful not to hurt the little dogs when playing.


Sadly, Remus passed away on March 13th, 2007, but he did leave us with lots of fond and loving memories.


We adopted another dog "Harley" a couple of weeks ago, and although he is the complete opposite of Remus in every way he is very loving. We would encourage anyone considering a pet to check with PRN or other shelters before going out and buying at a store or breeder.


Paul & Gwin

Harley & Scrappy

"Don't even think about it!"

Kayla came to live with us the first Saturday in March, 2002.  She passed away last week (March, 2011) after a year of struggling with various aliments.  She was abandoned as a puppy and spent the first 5 years of her life at the shelter. She was never housed in one of the kennels, but was allowed to roam the enclosed yard freely. Outside of a short visit by a volunteer twice a day, the rest of her time was spent alone or with a couple of other dogs.  Kayla learned the word "no" quickly and listened well. She wanted to please. She tolerated baths and ear cleanings, but loved to be petted and scratched. Kayla was a delight to watch her first few days in her new home. Never having seen a television, she would sit in front of the TV staring at the screen, cocking her head back and forth from one side to the other. She always thought her reflection in the glass patio doors was another dog, and she never tires of staring at herself.   While we rescued her and gave her a warm loving home she brought much delight and joy to our household, and was truly a family member.   She will be greatly missed. If you want a wonderful, loving pet please check out PRN.


We want to thank Pet Rescue North for the bringing my beagle Luke into our lives.  I have had Luke now for a few years and he is absolutely wonderful.  I found his picture posted on a store window and fell in love with him immediately.  I contacted Peggy at PR North and set up a time with the vet where he was boarded.  It seemed that Luke had had a rough life before us and I was willing to work with him to make him feel loved again.  After seeing Luke in person I fell in love with him even more.  He was so good natured and he was a happy dog.  I visited him everyday thereafter until the application process was completed and was able to take him home within a week.  It was a very thorough adoption process and I felt very good about it.  He has turned out to be amazing and great with children.  His temperament is great.  As all dogs we have had our ups and downs but I would never trade him for the world.  He makes our world more pleasant.  If you have the opportunity to rescue a pet it is a great feeling, and just remember that you are taking one more dog off the street.



I just wanted to give you an update on Dingo. He's quickly becoming one of the family. Wherever I sit or lay, he's very close by and seems to be my protector. He likes to look out the front room window and will bark at people as they pass by the house, to let them know he's here and protecting the place. My boyfriend and his daughter love Dingo and he loves them too, especially Brittany (she's 5). He gets so excited when he sees her. He and Tryst have their moments, but it's because they both want my attention and he's learning about sharing...lots of luck. He doesn't mind the cats and seems aloof about them. He does seem to get scared at sudden movements, but is getting better. He's a sweet boy and I made the right choice with him. He wasn't crazy about his first bath, but I think in time, he will get better about it.